Rants and Reviews


  • OH MY GOD!! That’s so not our house! Are you a magician?? These pictures are awesome! Who wouldn’t want to buy this house, with its extra long bed and giant doors! Ah, the magic of photography. The photos are TREMENDOUS!! Man, I could go on, but I’ll stop. Have a great weekend!! - Linda Hughes

  • Since I found him I have used Wes to take pictures on ALL my listings. He has a keen eye and presents each room to look its best. It is so important to have a strong presence on the internet and he makes my listings ‘pop’. He is also very prompt in taking care of his clients. Why would you go anywhere else???? - Tina Gaughan

Jobs Over Easy contracted Haus of You ie:Wesley Piercy, to photograph the start and build of our company. We are in the process now of filming a documentary of our staff helping clients find employment. Wes is carefully documenting all of our meetings and the behind the scenes of the filming through his photography. I wouldn’t begin to think of using anyone else to take on this challenge. Wesley is very gifted, making everyone feel comfortable and at ease in front of the camera, capturing natural working situations. Once this project is completed we will proudly display his work on our website as well as hang some special favorites on our office walls. Wes has somehow managed to show moments that can not be explained in a news letter but rather moments only a professional eye could find. I fully recommend Haus of You to come in to your work place to professionally document your business over the long term. - 
Mark T. Boone
CEO Jobs Over Easy

  • This summer I hired Haus of You to take pictures of my family, including my lab, Magnum. Wes was very patient with me and he knew exactly how to handle Magnum. The pictures came out very rustic and outdoors like. Wes was able to calm Magnum down to pose for the camera. I really appreciated the quality of the photos and the patience he used with my family. I would definitely recommend him and his photographer skills to others! - Jake Peterson

  • Wesley is a great photographer. He has a great eye and takes fantastic pictures. He makes my listings look great. One of my listings sold in less than 30 days, the buyer bought because of his pictures. She did not see the house in person until after the inspections were completed. Use Wes with confidence! - Lisa Giloti

  • Wes has been taking listing pictures for me for some time now. Wes does a great job with the clients and the picture quality is second to none. Thanks Wes! - Nathan Fournier

  • You do Rock with your photography...You know that right? - Angie Scherzer